Satya means truth and Sadhna means to be with truth of the mind and to experience this truth. Satya Sadhna is the process of experiencing the truth of the mind and the truth of oneself.
When the mind starts experiencing the truth of one self — its starts to understand the reality of the world within us. It starts living in the present moment with equanimity. With the continuous practice of Satya Sadhna, we attain(experience of) happiness, peace and mental balance in our lives. We don't get carried away by the situations and circumstances surrounded by us for instance, one does not. Loose calm in every unpleasant situation, whereas on the contrary they face it with bravery, and when tiehy have a favorable situation we enjoy it remaining in equanimity. Satya Sadhna gives us happiness and peace. The knowledge gained by practicing Satya Sadhna is the knowledge of the sub conscious mind and it goes on improving the condition of our sub conscious and leads us to enlightenment.
Satya Sadhna makes us NIRBHAY, NIRVAIR, NIRLEP.
NIRBHAY means to carry out all activities with a calm and noised mind without any