Guidelines for Satya Sadhna Shiveer

-> To learn and practice Satya Sadhna one has to participate in a 10-Day residential course. The meditator has to stay at the SATYA SADHNA campus for all of the 10 days. One is prohibited from taking any kind of intoxication- i.e alcohol, pan - parag, tobacco, drugs or any other form of intoxicants. During the course, one is also prohibited from reading any newspaper, books, novels and magazines.

The participant has to deposit his mobile and laptop in the office and he is not allowed to use any tv, internet, mobile, WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other social sites.

One has to observe noble silence during the course- meaning not communicating with anyone. The meditator is prohibited to use gestures or sign languages also. If you have any doubts, questions or problems related to Sadhna then you can communicate with the teacher – who is conducting the course.

The day starts from 4:30 am and ends at 9:00 pm. Meditation is carried out throughout the day. However, in between short breaks/ intervals are given for daily chores.

Satya Sadhna Meditation is taught in 4 steps:-

-> Sadhachar - Following the five precepts Of Truth, Non-violence, Non –stealing, Non-possession, Celibacy.

-> Swas Darshan - To observe the incoming and outgoing breath at the mustache area.

-> Satya Darshan - To observe the sensation, to observe the change in sensations all over the body, and maintain equilibrium and equanimity.

-> Maitri Sadhna - To spread the love, peace, happiness, goodness that we have gathered in the 10 days to all beings of the world.