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Regular practice of Satya Sadhna affects in a positive way one's behavior, thinking, state of mind and attitude, as well as one's health. It also develops patience, tolerance and tranquility, as well as self-mastery, discipline and inner strength, but in order to reap the rewards, it needs to be practiced regularly.

Many people like the idea of Satya Sadhna, but feel they don’t have enough time. Mind will always find one excuse or another for not doing Satya Sadhna. We should witness all these excuses given by the mind. When you really want to do something you can find time. Nothing is better than the feeling of inner peace. If we train in Satya Sadhna, our mind will gradually become more and more peaceful, and we will experience a purer and purer form of happiness. Eventually, we will be able to stay happy all the time, even in the most difficult circumstances.

The aim of Satya Sadhna is to give you a sense of inner peace that you will use throughout your day in all your dealings. This is why it is recommended that you meditate daily. The positive feelings that you bring into your mind and body will then help you cope with your day